Thursday, January 26

Knitting: last year

Hello all! First of all, a happy 2017! I'm sorry I didn't update this blog sooner, but I wish you all the best for this year. Lots of creativity and yarn goodness! ;-) I managed to knit quite a lot of wearables last year. Most of them were for babies, so they were fast knits, or socks or mittens...
My biggest achievement was my beccs cardigan, I wear it a lot and it's such a cozy warm cardigan!! I've been wanting to knit myself a fingering weight cardigan or sweater for ages, but still didn't manage to find the right pattern/yarn. So this heavier weight cardigan was a nice alternative. Maybe this year I'll manage to reach my goal!
How about you? Did you manage to achieve some knitting goals in 2016?


  1. I knit my first sweater! And am trying to knit my second one this year :) But I can be really really hard to find a pattern that I actually want to knit.

  2. what beautiful photos of all the knitting you did last year :)

  3. Your images of wearable knits looks so very cozy. Last year I knit myself an Antler pullover by ANKESTRiCK, which is a fingering weight sweater -- I really like it. But the bulky weight pullover I knit recently is a huge favourite of mine for the cold weather.
    In terms of knitting goals for this year I have two: I want to make one entrelac item (haven't yet decided if it will be a scarf or a child's size blanket); the other goal is very general and it is simply to make more socks.
    I know I said it above but I must reiterate how lovely those photos are.


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