Wednesday, November 30

Yarn Along

Knitting: Lancelot sweater, size 2 years for my little knight in Drops Lima.

Reading: I finished Little Women (both parts!), and I'm glad it's over, I mean, it was great and all but I usually don't read books with 777 pages and I was curious to know about Jo March's future. I must admit that I sometimes had trouble with understanding some english verbs and adjectives, so I had to look up a few things, but it wasn't really necessary for understanding the story in its whole. 
Recently, when in Aachen, Germany, we visited a grand bookstore and I always go straight to the international section. A big pile of classics was nicely exposed and I bought a couple. I chose Animal Farm by G. Orwell. (My fiancé bought 1984 and I might read that as well). I haven't read that much though, but until now I like it.

Joining Ginny

Wednesday, November 2

Knitting: beccs cardigan

After a few disappointments considering sweater and cardigan knits, I decided to take a different road regarding my fall knitting. First of all, it needed to be something that I would really wear and that would fit me. Since I'm not that good patient in gauge swatching - I do check my gauge, I just give up really easy when I do not obtain it and then I don't really make an effort anymore and just start knitting, hoping that it'll probably work itself out, ahem - so, since I'm not fanatically wild about this necessary evil part of knitting fitting garments, I wanted something that would fall loose, required no picking up stitches for a buttonband and it had to be a bit of a quick project too.
SoI started browsing my 600+ favourites on Ravelry, another 600 favourites of many inspiring Ravelers's favourite cardigans and I was becoming a little too fixated on knitting Pinterest boards. In the end I went with my first choice :-): the beccs Cardigan by Isabell Kraemer.

 It's such a genius pattern and so easy! The aran weight yarn I used (Drops Nepal in a gray mix color) was so soft and it feels really comfy. It's a joy to knit with I think.

I'm really happy with it. Along with my Owls sweater I knit in 2013, this is actually something that I will wear in the colder months.