Friday, April 29

Knitting lately...

While waiting to deliver, I've spent my time mostly by knitting. First I knitted an Open Windows Mitt. And I loved the look of it, until I tried it on. The mitt stretched out and I wasn't pleased with how the stitches looked on my hand. So I started another mitt pattern designed by the same designer, with the same yarn: Antiquity by Alicia Plummer and this yarn-pattern combo was a great match!
I had the same problem with the Blueberry Waffle Socks pattern by Sandy Turner. I've been wanting to knit these for quite a long time and thought they would look great in a fingering yarn too (original pattern is in dk weight). So very eagerly to start knitting when I received my wonderful fingering yarn I ordered at Studiomeez, I started the cuff. I'm not a big fan of k2,p2 ribbing, but it was the best for this pattern since the pattern is an alternation of knit rows and k2,p2 to create a waffle pattern. And again, while knitting I loved the look of how the pattern was coming along. Until I tried it on of course, a k2,p2 tends to stretch out and I don't like the look of that on my foot. The beautiful bumpy waffle pattern was nowhere to be found while wearing the sock... .
And there was another nice surprise while knitting the sole of the sock: I was falling in love with how the colors of the yarn in stockinette stitch. So I decided to rip it out, save the Blueberry Waffle Pattern for a dk weight sock and start searching for a sock with lots of stockinette stitch. And that's when I found the Impossible Girl Sock pattern by Madeline Gannon. Even the name of the pattern matched my feelings at the time, since I was kind of feeling like I was behaving impossible and being to picky about everything :-)

Wednesday, April 20

38 weeks

Okay, I did the best I could. I cropped off my face because it's rather bloated and I just feel uncomfortable. But I didn't want you guys to abstain from another -maybe last one - baby bump shot, so here it is :-)
I have been feeling rather tired and just plain exhausted the last weeks. That's not all pregnancy related but I thought I had this flu over me, seems like it was more my yearly hay fever that's been bothering me that made me feel all headachy and like the beginning of a flu.
It's not over yet, I spent a week in bed just to rest a lot and it's a bit better now. Picked up some knitting again and some last preparations before our baby arrives. We're all excited yet a bit nervous too. 
Thanks for the comments on the last post by the way. I reknitted the Bits+Pieces hat and even made a slightly larger one in another color.

Tuesday, April 5

A new hat...or not?

Once I saw Lisa's newborn hats I was in love with this pattern! It knits up really quick and is an instant gratification! BUT...I'm not so please with the result and it's my own fault: I was knitting while watching tv and I didn't notice the decreases didn't match on both sides. I've looked through project photo's of other people's Bits+Pieces hats and they don't have this problem. So I guess I did something wrong though I just followed the pattern. I found notes on Ravelry of one knitter decreasing with k2tog in stead of ssk and k2tog, so maybe that's the mistake I made.

I'm still thinking about ripping it and knitting it again. All against my partner's opinion who thinks it's adorable just the way it is. But the knitter in me is kind of rebellious. Of course he doesn't notice the dismatched decreases, but I do. Everytime I look at it. :-)

Yarn is Buckaloo View by the way in a fingering weight. I love this color. Liesl dyed it with Osage Orange and it's just so perfectly yellow!

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