Thursday, February 18

29 weeks

We've reached 29 weeks yesterday! The last few days I was feeling dead tired and my belly grew immensly (at least it seems to me). We've been preparing a lot for the baby like buying the paint for the baby room's wall, and buying the furniture and the stroller. I've also managed to sew some sheets, together with my mom, and some ornaments for the baby mobile.

To get a break from all the house and baby room finishing, we've spent a sunny wonderful day at the sea last week. Which also resulted in a great 2 hour car drive full of selfish sock knitting :-p

Wednesday, February 17

Sewing: baby sheets

Yesterday, my mum and I have been sewing baby sheets for the baby's bed and the stroller. I had a hard time choosing the fabrics. I wanted them to be unisex, because we wish to have two children and I want to use the sheets again for the second baby.
I'm not so sure about the yellow/ochre triangles anymore, it will be combined with a plain white sheet and the triangle fabric will be a border on top. I think it might be a bit 'hard' on the baby's face. I'd also love to knit a baby blanket, but I've been procastrinating that for months. I really need to start working on the birth announcements and the room plus I've got some good selfish sock knitting and another baby cardigan on the needles. This morning I also started handstitching felted ornaments for the handmade mobile I'm working on... . Hmm, the dilemma of casting on yet another knitting project,... :-)

Linking up with Nicole (who gave birth to such a cute baby!)

Monday, February 8

Knitting: Recovery Shawl

Last week, two days before one of my best friend's birthday party, I got this marvelous idea to knit her a shawl. She's getting some serious functional jaw surgery soon and it's all rather creepy. But she needs the surgery and had been preparing her teeth for over two years already, suffering a lot of pain and stress. So I wanted to give her something for her birthday that she could use during her recovery period. This shawl is perfect to wear around her neck and hid the swollen parts, it's cosy too :-)

At the yarn shop I saw some King Cole's 100% Baby Alpaca DK in lovely colors. I called her to ask which one she'd prefer and she went with old rose. An excellent choice for this pattern! The color is called Ginger and is hard to capture on camera. I've tried to use daylight and all photo's are taken with the same white balance but I couldn't avoid the color difference in some photos.

I knit it in 6 days and blocked it in 3 days. Fasted knit ever! It helps that it's the second time that I knit this Canopy Shawl. I loved it even more!

Pattern: Canopy (Melody Hoffmann)
Yarn: King Cole DK Baby Alpaca (3.5 skeins)
Colorway: Ginger