Saturday, August 22

Monthly Sock Challenge Video

Since the sock challenge has ended for me, I made a little video slide show of all the socks I've knitted the past 12 months. Enjoy!

Sock Challenge 12/12 - August

I finished my last pair of socks from the monthly sock challenge! This pair's a pattern by cabinfour. I chose Cream because I wanted to practice a bit of Fair Isle knitting again. The main color is Quince & Co. Chickadee in the color Clay and the contrast color is Buckaloo View's Worsted I in the color Cherry Bark.

Tuesday, August 18


And suddenly...on a Summer evening, rain pouring from the skies and temperatures around twelve degrees celsius, I finished my Canopy Shawl.

I have never been so in love with a knitting pattern before: it's genius I think. Well, I don't know much about designing knitwear but after two years of self taught knitting, I've learned a lot of things, but actually designing this is a whole different story.
It's the perfect mix of complicated things at first but then 'aha moments' and lovely 'I wish this never ended momentes' too.
Thank you Melody for creating such a fine pattern. I'll be wearing this shawl a lot.

Pattern: Canopy by Melody from Mandarine's
Yarn: Drops Alpaca (2.5 skeins) in colorway Dark Grey Green (7139)
Modifications: I added an extra lace and stockinette part because the yarn asked for a smaller needle

Wednesday, August 12

Yarn Along

Now, if this doesn't count as a Yarn Along, I don't know anymore ;-)
I just got home from working at our house (painting, washing windows, planning the flooring,...) and I found this great package on the doorstep! Besides yarn mail, book mail is very loved here too!

Knitting: The Potter's Socks (pattern 'Cream' by Cabinfour). She has such great patterns, so for the last month of the sock challenge I definitely wanted to knit a pair of her sock patterns. It was hard to choose. I ordered Quince&Co Chickadee in the color 'Clay' and first I wanted to knit the contrasting color in natural (Cascade 220) that I had leftovers from. But then I saw Liesl's lovely Cherry Bark in my stash, that I used for the Clara May hat and thought it matched the main color much better.
I'm also knitting on my Canopy (pattern by Melody from Mandarine's). The border is almost finished! It's a very enjoyable knit and I can't wait for Fall so I can finally wear it.

Reading: Well, it's kind of hard to choose, since I ordered so many books at once, ahem... . I can eliminate one option and that is Black Hole by Charles Burns. I already read it a few months ago. It was really good, that I had to have it in my graphic novel collection. Which one do you guys think I should read first?

Linking up with Liesl, Ginny and Nicole.

Monday, August 3

I love not man the less, but nature more (G. Byron)

Past weekend, I was off from work so instead of doing chores for the house construction, we impulsively decided to go on a camping weekend in the Belgian Ardennes. The weather was nice, I had an extra Monday off from work, so why not? We did a walk close to  Malmedy, in the forest, along the river. It was truely pacifying to be this close to nature again. It had been a long while since we were out for a simple walk this year and clear our heads.

Overnight we camped in the woods. I had a good night's rest until 6 am because I forgot my pillow and I used my fleece sweater instead but it wasn't ideal. :)

The morning was full of sunshine, we baked eggs and sausages and had some bread and tea.

The rest of our Sunday was spend on a lake in a rowing boat in Robertville and on our way home we stopped in Orvifat, to visit Reinhardstein. It was a lovely relaxing weekend. I hope your weekend was sunny and relaxing too.