Monday, July 27

Sock Challenge 11/12 - July

It has been a race to get these socks finished on time. It has also been quite the challenge to knit a bit of Fair Isle in the round. I was so thrilled with the color combination and it knitted up beautifully.
Then I tried them on....the horror! I could nearly get them over my heel! I had a feeling that this would happen, so I tried to keep my tension the same all the time, not too loose, not too tight. Anyone has tips on that matter? I tried knitting the second sock a lot looser, but then it was way too big and the Fair Isle part ended 2.5 cm below the ending of the Fair Isle of the first sock, so I frogged the second sock and started over.

So once I've put them on, I won't take them off too soon! In the pictures above, the socks aren't blocked yet.  I hope the Fair Isle part will become a bit more even after blocking.

Nordic Mist Socks
Pattern: Southern Fiords by Dianna Walla
Yarn: Regia (White and Greyish, fingering), Buckaloo View Fingering II (yellow)
Size: medium

Saturday, July 4

The challenge: indoor gardening

Growing tomatoes completely indoors is quite the challenge. Last year, I already tried it and it didn't work out that well. Probably because I kept on watering them and the plants got so big too quickly that they didn't have many flowers, and thus, not so many cherry tomatoes.
This year, I took the time to learn a bit more about growing cherry tomatoes indoors. I had nice plants already in May and a few flowers that were even pollinated (I hope I'm using correct verb for what I'm trying to say). I wanted to put them outside, because I thought they were strong enough and outside the chance of bees and other winged insects flying from flower to flower would give a larger harvest. But, luckily I didn't do that because the month of June gave a few thunderstorms in which the plants would have probably snapped. I made sure that I opened up the window once a day and I tapped the flowers myself a bit.
I've also planted some rocket inside. A week ago I've put it outside, because it didn't work out indoors.

Do any of you have experience in indoor gardening?