Monday, June 22

Knitting: Clara May Hat

Since it has been rather miserable weather here the past few days in Belgium, knitting a hat in the middle of June doesn't feel off-season anymore. It keeps on raining, sometimes the sun squeezes through thick grey clouds for a few minutes, and then you think: 'Oh lovely, I'm going to knit outside a bit!' But when you've got your tea ready, your project bag and go back inside to fetch the printed pattern, the sun is gone.

So this Clara May Hat is a pattern by Liesl and it's even knitted in BV yarn. The pattern was gifted to me, which is so genereous! It's really great to knit, lovely texture, variation, new techniques I've learned... . And the best, in my opinion, is the yarn color! It's hard to picture, but it's such a mysterious color, makes you look twice! She dyed it in a pot with cherry bark and I think the result is stunning. It goes very well with my skintone (it's only recently that I've learned that soft colors match my skin and hair tone more than darker or vivid colors)

I can't wait until Autumn to wear it!

Project: Clara May Hat (pattern by Buckaloo View)
Yarn: Buckaloo View Worsted I, colorway: Cherry Bark

Thursday, June 18

Sock Challenge 10/12 - June

I was surprised by Andi from My sister's knitter with a gifted sock pattern: Bickersstraat. I love this pattern because it has the right amount of variation and mindless knitting together. So it never bored me, it knitted quite fast.
The afterthought heel was a d├ębut for me. The only hard thing was, on the first sock, guessing when it was time to start decreasing for the toe. 
I'm really pleased with them, I knitted the cuff long enough and I think I will be wearing these as soon as it gets chilly again. I'd like to thank Andi for her generosity (and just for being such a great knitting friend anyway ;-) ) and I'd also like to thank Liesl for her gorgeous yarn that made its way from New Jersey to Belgium very fast! It was lovely to knit with and the color is great (I'm seeing a trend in my sock knitting with ochre/yellow yarns). Also thank you for launching such a great challenge, I've learned a lot and if you would have asked me two years ago to knit a pair of socks every month, I would have laughed so hard, ironically!
And you, dear readers and commenters and lurkers of the blog :-), thanks for visiting and saying such sweet words!

Pattern: Bickersstraat
Yarn:  Buckaloo View Fingering II, color: Osage Orange

Wednesday, June 10

Yarn Along

Knitting: Clara May hat and Bickersstraat socks. I've got too much on my mind these weeks and can't allow more than two project on the needles :-)

Reading: Lots of graphic novels, mostly they read fast. I've finished Sugar Skull and Black Hole (both by Charles Burns). They were goooood! And the one that took a little more concentrating and reading is Fun Home (Alison Bechdel).

Linking up with Nicole, Ginny and Liesl.

Monday, June 8

Scenes lately

Buckaloo View yarn | new succulents and an orchid | first tomatoes | poppies on the sand pile behind  house | finished putting floor heating system on the floors

Wednesday, June 3

Yarn Along

Knitting: Bickersstraat socks, pattern gifted by my lovely friend and fellow sock knitter. I'm using Buckaloo View Fingering II in the colorway 'Osage Orange'. Lovely soft and rich colored yarn and a fun to knit, gifted pattern, I can't ask for more.

Reading: Blankets by Craig Thompson. Autobiographical novel about a boy growing up in a very strict Evangelical Christian family. I loved it! I'm always a bit disappointed when graphic novels aren't colored, but after reading the first page, I was already so into the story that the black and white drawings didn't bother me at all.

Thank you so much for the comments on my latest sock post!
Have a nice week,


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