Friday, March 27

Wall of Fame series (1) - The Man in Black

The 'Wall-of-Fame' is a project that I started in 2015 as an homage to inspiring people, mainly musicians and artists. I'll draw their portraits in graphite and frame them so they have a place on the wall of the attic of our new home, which we hopefully can turn into a studio someday. 

The first artist/musician is Johnny Cash. Ever since I saw the film 'Walk the Line (2005)' I adored his songs. It's also helpful if your partner plays a lot of Cash's tunes on his guitar every single day to get stuck with songs from him in your head. (But he does it really well!)

Picking up my drawing again has been liberating for me. Although drawing this portrait felt a bit strange and out of habit. I used to be so much more confident. It's also the first time that I used carbon for the really black areas and I didn't really master that. In a later stage (after the move to my new house) the portraits will be framed.

I hope to make another one soon. It's just so busy with the house and work and I start a new part time job next Wednesday, so I'm kind of freaking out a lot. But that's what keeps us going, right?

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 17

Sock Challenge 7/12 - March

This month's knitted socks are an ode to the month March. The title (Life on Mars) just hit me while I was looking for a catchy sock name that had some connection to the naming of March. I know it's not thàt original and it got me stuck with the song in my head for days actually.

Ok, so, I was looking for a textured pattern on Ravelry and came upon this Petty Harbour sock pattern which has some resemblance to Hermione's Everyday Socks. I came across many other beautiful projects while browsing through all the contributions to Liesl's Monthly Sock Challenge. So many socks I want to knit in so many colors!

Linking up with Liesl and Nicole.

Wednesday, March 4

Yarn Along

Knitting: nothing new under the Belgium sun: working on my March's pair of socks for the Monthly Sock Challenge. Pattern: Petty Harbour by Rayna Curtis Fegan. Yarn: Regia Design Line.

Drawing: still working on the Wall of Fame project. Johnny Cash slowly getting more depth. I'm not really satisfied, but I'll finish it anyway to get back into my drawing mojo.

Also, the heavily sock knittng for the past months has bend my bamboo sock knitting needles, and today one actually broke while I was trying to get it straight again. Oops!

Joining Ginny and Nicole.

Monday, March 2

Such a fine line

I think I lost a bit of my drawing skills. Is that possible? I always thought that I could just pick up where I left. Apparently not, I have to 'get in' again :-)

On the left side is a 2006 portrait on 150 g/m² paper with graphite pencils. On the right side is a 2015 portrait (unfinished) on 160 g/m² paper with graphite pencils. Although I don't think that the paper's weight is thàt much of a difference, I have trouble with shading, graininess and building up tones.

Earlier, I remember wanting to draw life like but didn't like creating a very smooth way of shading by smoothing out your graphite or by smudging to get shadows etc. (Cross)hatching and not smudging felt more natural to me then just whiping a piece of cloth/tissue/... over some graphite to get an even tone (but this sounding very simple to do, this technique isn't easy either, I think I've never mastered it and that's probably why I don't like it). I also tried the blended circulism method for shading once, that takes a lot of time! So I guess I'm still in a bit of an impasse on that matter.