Saturday, January 31

Happy overseas purchases

A few weeks ago, I was browsing my Internet links from back in the time when I was drawing frequently. So I stumbled on J.D. Hilberry's video tutorials on YouTube. I immediately fell in love with his pencil drawing kit that you can order from his website. The Creating Contrast and Texture pencil kit + bonus pack includes a lot of graphite and charcoal pencils that I already had in my stash, but also lots of goodies that I haven't found yet in my local art shop like blending supplies, a  handy compass, gray scale value finder, proportional divider and a dvd on how to use all that.

Being all confident with ordering items from over the big giant blue pool by now (I've had some troubles with that in the past), I couldn't resist the urge of ordering a few Jenna Rose bags (ahem, four in total, oops... I couldn't choose and some were on sale). This bag is the Small Bucket with ships. It's so convenient for yarn stashing, or directly knitting from it.
Now I only have to buy some time to do all the drawing and knitting, because thanks to these purchases I'm totally equipped to make some masterpieces ;-). The superbusy weeks aren't over yet here and on top of that, my partner was given a nasty flu and is in bed for a few days now with fever. Yikes. If we could only buy time, right? ;-)

Have a great weekend!


Saturday, January 24

Life lately

Indulging myself with a new art book about Roy Lichtenstein.

Spoiled by sweet Andi with one of her gorgeous coasters, a stitch marker, tea and a lovely Peter Pauper thank you card (I love those cards and it has a little owl on it)

We have snow here in Belgium today. Usually I would be happy, but this year I want to get rid of it fast. It's beautiful and all and oh so tranquille on this Saturday, but I have to work anyway (that means cycling through it because I don't have a car yet) ànd my boyfriend, father and brother-in-law are working at our house at this very moment. It's freakin' cold, not all windows are in yet, so there's this cold draught hurling through the house.
A part of our house has a flat roof and due to freezing, raining and snow now it couldn't be finished yet, so we still have water coming down inside.
The construction works are taking up precious amounts of our together time that I'm going crazy and exhausted little by little. I never knew one could suffer from decision stress that much. I'm also busy with applying for another job, while my work on Intensive Care is dragging me out completely. Seems like I'm having some January blues again :-)

Wednesday, January 21

Sock Challenge 5/12 - January

The Kaleidoscope Socks are finished! I just ran out of white/beige yarn for the toe of the second sock. Luckily - after buying the wrong skein (!) - I found the same tint of white so I could finish them. They're a lot shorter on the leg than my other socks, I have to admit I didn't like the leg part of the pattern because my purls and knits didn't knit up nicely at the beginning and end of the round. For the second sock, I knitted 63 sts for the leg part in stead of the 64 I casted on for the cuff and foot to avoid that problem.
The pattern is 'Broken seed stitch socks' (Ravelry).
Yarn: Regia 4-ply, multi-color and Schachenmayr Nomotta (Regia Classic 4-ply) white

Friday, January 16

Focus on art

Early January I told you that I don't make new year's resolutions. Just because I'm afraid I might not live up to them and I end up being all frustrated about that. This year is not different. Although I did make up my mind about one thing: I'd love to spend more time drawing in 2015. I've been browsing my own blog, the blog I started to share my drawings. And now I see I ended up writing more about knitting, just showing my WIP's and FO's. I've met a lot of great bloggers and knitters on this journey, which I'm very thankful for.

(above photos are from pinterest)
But true love never gets old. And I refuse to discard drawing because I lack inspiration or because knitting is my new 'thing' nowadays.

I used to have the same aspiration for my drawing as I do for knitting today. There's an idea that has been on my mind for two years now, an idea to make a 'wall of fame' or a 'hero-wall' in our new house. On the attic, my white and bright attic, an atelier I have been longing for since I put one foot in art class, where I smelled the odour of graphite, paint, clay figures and noticed creative, concentrated students bending over a piece of paper. Where the floors were made of polished concrete to offer resistance to all sorts of media. How your shoes made a squeaky sound when walking over it.

The 'Wall-of-Fame' will be about portraits, mainly musicians, that I love to listen to. I'll draw their portraits in graphite and frame them. And then, they'll get eternal admiration and respect from us, everytime we walk by. In the mean time the white, bald wall is filled and we don't need to wonder what we'll do to decorate the room.

So I better start drawing!

Tuesday, January 13

Pyjamas, all day!

Woke up from my night shift at 2 PM to find out it is raining....again...| Trying to expell the melancholy that hit me by drawing and sketching | Not really helping when listening to The White Buffalo and drawing Smith's pretty depressing and sad portrait (and I made his nose too long....oh well)

Joining Nicole (KCCO)

Wednesday, January 7

Yarn Along

Knitting: my Kaleidoscope Socks (Broken Seed Sitch socks). These were originally my December pair for the challenge, but a pair of Christmas socks got in the way.

Reading: Ergens waar je niet wil zijn (The Wrong Place) by Brecht Evens. Evens is a Belgian, (even from my city!) cartoonist and he had his great breakthrough with this comic in 2009. 'The Wrong Place' tells the story of Robbie and Gary, two opposite characters. It begins with Gary inviting people to his birthday party at his flat, as some sort of a highschool reunion. Everybody is interested if Robbie is coming too. Robbie was very popular in highschool and everybody is still talking about him. The book illustrates these social relations in a vivid and easy to read way. Evens uses very bright colors for his drawings and the panels aren't limited by borders or outlines which contributes to a self-evident and logical point of view. I think this is the best comic Evens had made so far and I've read it several times since its release in 2009. It's so drawn from life and down to earth. The book is available in U.S.A. and Canada too.

Joining NicoleGinny and Liesl.

Friday, January 2

Welcome 2015!

Happy New Year everyone!

The holidays were super busy with celebrating, last minute knitting projects and working busy shifts at the hospital. I hope all of your holidays were warming and fun and that you have time to relax a bit from all the festivities now.

Okay, so I'm not so good at selfportraits. I managed to knit the Travel Hat. I say managed because I'm not so good at knitting hats, the first one I knit was too big, this one's a bit too small. So I think I'm going to pass Liesl's mystery hat swap (head over to Buckaloo View to sign up for this original knitting swap!). I'm just not able to make something or someone the perfect fit.

Anyhow, I'm glad 2014 is over and that 2015 is fresh and new! I've got a zillion projects in my head and for this year, I will make no other resolutions than the ones I made for 2014 :-) I'm learning to take life as it comes.

I wish you all a healthy and simply 2015. Let's make it a good one!