Sunday, December 21

Sock Challenge 4/12 - December

Yay! The Christmas Socks are finished! I even blocked them! (I never did that before with socks and actually I don't think it's really necessary)

Plain Vanilla Socks, knitted as a gift for a colleague at work.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, December 19

Ginger Cookies

Spicy ginger cookies, homebaked by a very very good friend. Just to warm my heart and say thank you for being there in 2014, while I had the impression that I haven't been caring enough for her this year... 

Ginger wrapped in a cookie and a sweet note tagged along. I do not ask for more as a Christmas present.

Thursday, December 18

Little foxes

The two fox scarves for my little nieces are finished! I'm so happy I finished them in time, so I can knit on the Christmas Socks, which will be a Christmas present too.

I hope the pink in it will make them wear it, though I'm more a fan of gender neutral gifts. But I had the yarn stashed for no good reason so this was a good opportunity to knit it up.
Pattern is by La Maison Victor - Pink Yarn is Debbie Bliss Rialto DK in colorway 'Rose' - White yarn is Cascade 220 in colorway 'Natural'.
It's already wrapped up and I drew a little fox on the packaging and splashed some white paint on it. That'll do for kiddies :-)
I wish you all happy holidays!

Friday, December 12

Change of plans

Just a quick notice that I'm still here, but haven't really got time for blogging due to knitting holiday stress :-) I changed my December socks (started a new pair as a Christmas gift for someone).
I'm not really a fan of the yarn color, but it's not my choice, so I guess I'll have to persuade myself that these socks will be beautiful anyway. I also tried knitting them two-at-a-time, on a circular needle. For now, it's not my preferable sock knitting method because the loop is way too short (40cm) and it's tight knitting. I transferred all my stitches to my good old dpn's and the heel of one sock is almost done, so I hope to finish them in time.

Are you having a bit of holiday stress yet? Will all your knitted gifts be finished on time?

Friday, December 5


About two weeks ago, I won a giveway on BuckalooView. The prize was a print by Kristina Koehler. I chose a beautiful nature print from her Canada series.The gift arrived this week and I was so thrilled to open it. It was beautifully wrapped and there were goodies too: tea and a photo of logs, a sweet card. Since my house isn't finished yet and the time we will live here won't be long anymore (I'm guessing we'll move around the end of next Summer) I'll frame it to hang it in our new home. Until then I carefully wrapped it back into it's package and gave it a safe place until moving day! I've been thinking a lot lately which special place it'll get. Kristina, thank you so much, I promise, when it's framed and hung up I'll take a photo of it and share it with you!

Wednesday, December 3

Yarn Along

Knitting: started my December socks today.

Listening: Mia - Luc de Vos, (Gorky/Gorki) Sadly, this Flemish musician and writer, passed away last Saturday at the age of 52. Flanders mourns.

Joining Nicole and Ginny.