Wednesday, November 26

Yarn Along

Knitting: Fox scarves for my two little nieces. They'll be Christmas presents and it's a good way to knit up some of my stash.

Reading: Took some graphic novels home from the library. All from Bastien Vivès, a french cartoonist: Polina, The Taste of Chlorine and In My Eyes (not pictured). I've never read anyhting from Vivès before, and there isn't always much to read either, especially not in the last two mentioned. In Polina there's a lot more dialogue. But the way he draws scenery and surroundings, expressions of characters, the viewpoints,...makes everything clear without words. He's very good at creating atmosphere, just with his drawings. That's a truly Graphic Novel.

Linking up with Nicole and Ginny.

Sunday, November 23

Knitting = fun

Since I began knitting seriously, I've been mostly busy figuring out how to knit, counting yards/meters for a project, buying the right set of needles, to understand gauge,... there's a lot to learn when beginning to knit. Since I watched Melody's podcast (she's so sweet, you should really listen to it) I realised that I'm not so fond of superwash yarns anymore. I never really realised what superwash meant. Thanks to her podcast I was suprised to find that all my stash yarn is labeled as a superwash yarn!

I always had a preference for 100% wool yarns. So I was always checking the composition of yarns I bought, to make sure it had organic materials. But 100% wool yarns aren't easy to find in local yarn shops where I live. Occasionally I buy my sock yarn in a lys which always has some polyester/polyamide in it. Then when I found out on internet shops that a lot of yarns, including sock yarn, were full merino I was thrilled! Sadly I now discovered it says superwash on the label too.

But I still think that knitting is fun though. It's just not so easy to buy yarn now anymore. That's a good thing, isn't it? I actually really love all the things I'm learning about knitting and yarn through this knitting community. Without this community I don't think I would have gotten this far with my knitting. It's wonderful to share all these things online and get feedback. So I'd not like to thank Melody alone for pointing me on the superwash thing, but also thanks to all my readers for taking the time to comment and visit my blog. I love reading the comments, they warm my heart and I'm always looking forward to read your blogs and knitting adventures.

 How about you? Are you that strict when it comes to yarn composition? 

Thursday, November 20

Sock Challenge 3/12 - November

My Chamomile & Honey Socks for the monthly sock challenge are finished! I suffered from second sock...itis badly for this pair. I don't know why because both the yarn and the pattern are lovely! It didn't knit slowly either (only the rows with the cable needle, but that's like 2 out of 8).
But I'm very happy they're finished, up to my numerous other WIP's! Project details can be found here.

(and yes, I'm standing on my coffeetable :) )

Monday, November 17

Scenes & Inspirations

With lots of rainy days here, evenings are filled with blog visits and knitting.

Kristina shared her Colette Moneta dress in beautiful green | I was amazed by the gorgeous Martinmas lanterns from Nicole's children | Milla always hits the nail on the head with her blog posts, this time about life and death. I don't always know what else to comment other than what she already explained so well | Brandy is making her first steeked cardigan, exciting! | Andi's scrap sock yarn blanket is coming along nicely! | We're thinking about stairs in scaffolding wood | I've been pinning lots of embroidery ideas on Pinterest, now looking for the right time to start some projects

Wednesday, November 12

Yarn Along

Knitting: after a pause for a week, picked up my Chamomile & Honey Socks for the challenge.

Reading: Not really reading but loving this book full of realistic pencil drawings by German artist Dirk Dzimirsky. I was cleaning up my bookshelves and found this one from a few years ago.
It's remarkably hyperrealistic, I love gazing at details of how he portrays the skin of his models. In my opinion, this artist is, together with Armin Mersmann, the best artist in hyperrealistic graphite art.

Listening: Sometimes, YouTube can get you anywhere you didn't intented to be at first, but there are times it suprises you too in a good way. That's how I stumbled on Dillon, a Brazilian born singer, based in Germany. She has got a very unique voice. You might have heard one of her most famous songs: Thirteen Thirtyfive.

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Monday, November 10

When in Germany (Trier, Hermeskeil and Cochem)

During our Germany trip we've been on the road a lot to visit all the places of interest around the Moselle. 

Actually, the airplane museum in Hermeskeil was the first trip on our way to the guesthouse in Cochem, where we stayed for a few days with our family. About 100 airplanes are there to be viewed inside and outdoors. Lots of planes have ladders, so you can go up and have a look in the cockpit. In the Concorde you can have a drink.

In Cochem we've visited Reichsburg Cochem (surrounded by vineyards, Moselle area is known for its wine) and strolled through the town afterwards. In those German cities your eyes are treated with beautiful facades and lots of things to discover when you look up to the houses.

In between we've visited other castles and wildlifeparks (see previous posts), and on our way home to Belgium we stopped in Trier. We've been there when we were little and some high schools in Belgium visit it for German or History class. 

Friday, November 7

When in Germany (wildlife)

In a previous post you can read about the midweek we spend with my family in Germany, Mosselle/Eifel area. I already told about the castles, let's talk 'wildlife' now: The Eagle and Wolf park in Kasselburg accommodates the polar wolf, goats and rabbits on a children's farm and birds like eagles, buzzards, owls and a vulture. The big volieres were situated in the ruins of Kasselburg.

In Wild Park Daun you can ride an 8 km long road through the forest and you meet lots of free running animals. We've seen: donkeys, wild horses, buffalo's, lama's, deer, boars, sheep, ostriches, male goats and monkeys. The majority of the animals were so used to humans that they came towards you to meet, once you got out of the car.

The deer (about 10) obstructed the road, so we had to get out of the car and lure them with wild fodder you could buy in the beginning of the park, so we could move on.
They came towards us and ate out of our hands! Look at this cutie below:

Some animals were seperated from the main road by fences. I photographed this deer below from a low wooden observation post, he was only 2 feet away from me, if I stretched my hand I could pet him (I didn't risk that because I was quite impressed by his antlers).

The monkeys were living in a seperated area from the other wildlife. This park within the park had to be visited by foot. On our path we crossed monkeys and male goats.

It was nice to be outdoors all day and watch the animals. The children were quite impressed too. The smallest (nearly 3) saw an ostrich for the first time in her life and said: 'There, duck...big!" :-)

Monday, November 3

When in Germany (Castles)

Being born in Belgium, a very small and surely humble country in Europe, I get used to the fact that our country is indeed small. One advantage is the proximity of foreign countries that offer lots of different cultures. Last week we spend a short holiday with my family in Germany. When my sister and I were little we used to frequent Germany during the Autumn holiday, especially in the Moselle area. I've got great memories of those holidays and it was great to revisit those areas with our whole family that has been expanded a bit now that we're grown up.

We visited 3 castles (Reichsburg Cochem, Kasselburg, Burg Eltz) and two wild fauna parks with lots of animals and a falconry. 

The castles were a great treat to the two small children of my sister (2 girls aged almost 3 and 5.5). They're fond of everything princess-like and especially the 5-year old's imagination was going wild when visiting the decorated rooms of Burg Eltz and Reisburch Cochem, two castles that remained fairly intact.
I think I shot about 650 photos in 5 days, way too many, but it was so beautiful there. So I tried to do a very narrow selection :)

Stay tuned for more posts about our holiday in Germany, especially about the wild fauna parks, the planes in Hermeskeil and our visit to Trier.