Friday, October 31

Creative Blog Hop

Recently I have been invited by Liesl for this creative blog hop. It's where I answer questions about my creativity and invite three other people to do the same so the blog hopping continues. Thanks for nominating me, Liesl! Here it goes:

What am I working on?

I’m working on several things. First there’s always the knitting (right now I’m frogging an old shawl for the yarn, knitting gloves with fingers for my boyfriend, my November socks for the challenge are on the needles and a baby pixie hat).
In my sketchbook I’m working on my Norge project, a japanese Moleskine that will eventually be a panorama of Norway, or an expression of my love for exploring and longing for being outdoors. It consists of drawings of forests, fjords, mountains and reindeers drawn with a fine line black marker and painted with some bright ecoline colors. On a few pages inspiring words or short quotes pop up.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I don’t think this is applicable to my knitting, as I’m a beginner knitter and haven’t really designed anything yet that would be recognizable as my own. Although maybe pattern choice, yarn choice and color choice could make my projects a typical ‘me’ project. If I'm knitting for myself, it'll probably be greenish colors for small projects or beige/grey for bigger ones. For socks I like any color. I'm also drawn to patterns with a vintage look or feel, determined by the pattern or yarn choice.
For my drawing I guess it’s all about the mediums used, the subject and definitely the ‘thing’ that makes an artist’s work recognizable as his or hers. I’m not really sure what makes my drawings recognizable as my art. I'm more of a sketcher/drawer than a painter. I often draw animals and have a preference for polar bears, deers and wolfs. I have lots of sketchbook filled with more detailed drawings than sketches.

Why do I write/create what I do?

I have this urge to do something with my hands everyday and to get completely lost in all of it. Being the typical introvert, I love to be alone at home in evenings to craft. My parents are crafters too: my mom is a seamstress who made me and my sister's own clothing when we were little. She also made clothing for my Barbie dolls (even tiny knitted sweaters!!) and other dolls, bed linen for the  doll's bed that my dad made out of wood. My dad once made an entire Barbie dollhouse with real lighting. So I guess I kind of grew up in the crafting area :-)  I’ve also been drawing my entire life and it’s a real therapy for me. When I feel really sad or there are numerous things that worry me, I can always rely on drawing for stress relief. When I recently learned how to knit I discovered that the repeats of knitting stitches has the same calming and therapeutical effect. I also gain much happiness from giving selfmade things to others. I’m not good with words, so usually when I want to show my appreciation for someone I give them something handknitted or a handdrawn card, mostly out of the blue, like when it’s not even their birthday or something. I also make things myself because I can't find what I'm looking for on the market. 

How does my writing/illustration/creative process work?

I usually come up with an idea that’s inspired by a song or by nature. Sometimes quotes do the trick. Then the sketchbook is opened and I try different things. I have this one sketchbook that I use for practically everything inspiring from knitting ideas to song lyrics, quotes, sketches, telephone doodlings, noting how many rows I've knitted, trying out fonts,... . It’s important for me to have such a 'scribble' book where I'm allowed to mess up. When I fear messing up my sketchbook, it doesn't always work.

I nominated CamillaBrandy and 
Ness to do the same, so watch out for the next two weeks when they'll be posting their creative blog hop!!

Sunday, October 26

Chamomile & Honey Socks

I couldn't resist.... casting on my November Socks for the sock challenge! I know I am early by a few days or so, but the yarn was screaming to be knit.

I'll make it up to you, I'll promise to finish them in one month's time frame - so technically I'm not doing anything wrong, right? - so they'll be finished in November.

I've ordered the sock yarn back in August in a wee thoughtless mood, and probably when I was in a PMS-state and wanted some comfort :) The yarn is Malabrigo Sock (love to knit with that ├ánd I can order it in a Belgian online yarn shop with no shipping costs if I order enough and they have plenty of Malabrigo sock). The colorway is 'Ochre'.

The pattern is called Clover (Kate Blackburn). It knits way faster than I thought it would (I'm already at the heel flap!) It's also a nice change from the plain vanilla socks that I've been knitting previously. Did you already started your November socks or have an idea in mind for them?

Tuesday, October 14

The secret

The secret to having it all is believing you already do.

I read this line on Pinterest some weeks ago. I pinned it. Of course. I'm planning to frame the best quotes and hang them on walls of rooms I frequently visit, like perhaps, the toilet.
This quote is ridiculously true. If you can live by this line every day, you must be a pretty happy person I guess. The older I get, the more confused I get with life's lessons and life's turnings. But also more grateful. It isn't all that hard to be satisfied or happy, you just have to adjust your expectations of life. Of course this isn't applicable to every life matter. And it just sounds too simple to live by every day. But I still like the quote. And it definitely doesn't apply on yarn stash matters. Just saying...there are exceptions.

Friday, October 10

Sock Challenge 2/12 - October

A new pair of socks flew off my needles: the Drizzly Day Socks. You now, those kind of socks to wear on a drizzly day, all cuddled up on the sofa with a blanket...with a book or a movie or some more knitting...
For this pair I tried a short row heel. It knits a lot faster than the eye of the partridge heel, like I used in all my previous sock knitting, but the fit isn't that great. I think it's because I casted on 60 stitches in stead of my usual 64 for socks, because somewhere on the internet I found instructions for short row heels with 60 stitches.
After finishing the first heel I figured out that it isn't all that complicated and I shouldn't be counting that much as the instructions told me, it's actually fairly simple.
Now I can do the short row heels without pattern and next time I'll try with 64 stitches. Hopefully they'll have a better fit then. The yarns are Regia (Cotton Summer Trend & a regular 4-ply).Happy sock knitting! Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, October 8

Yarn Along

Knitting: Finished a new pair of socks. Soon you'll hear all about them in a future post about the Sock Challenge.

Reading: Jaren van de Olifant (Years of the Elephant) by Willy Linthout. It's an autobiographic graphic novel about a man dealing with his son's suicide. I'm only halfway through it. The novel has very simple, rather rough pencil drawings without color. At first glance I wasn't too impressed, but after a few pages I was already hooked. It feels very real and 'drawn' from life, which in this case, really is.

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Monday, October 6 my sketchbook

30 seconds figure drawing

Imaginary zebra with ballpoint

Mangastyle selfportrait from 2012 using markers (I'm pale in real life too)

Wednesday, October 1

Sock challenge 1/12 - September

P.'s Scotch & Fire Socks are finished. Too bad I don't have a photo of him wearing them, because he wants them for his birthday, which is in October. I insisted to give him something he chooses and that the socks are just a gift, regardless of his birthday. But he didn't want to try them on until his birthday. O...kay then... :-) The naming is his credit by the way.

Anyway, I already casted on a  new pair of socks for the October issue of this challenge, this time in two colors.
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