Saturday, September 27

For the hands

Last year in September I knitted my September Gloves. I loved wearing them during the first chilly days that announce the arrival of Autumn. Unfortunately, I lost them somewhere, miss Winter came, I wore gloves with fingers and I kind of forgot about my september gloves.

This year, while cycling to work at an inhumanly early hour during one of those chilly, crisp and end of September mornings, I regretted once again that I didn't put on some gloves that day. Just like the day before, when I was steering alternately with left and right, keeping the opposite hand warm in one of my pockets. I also regretted never listening to my own advice and promised myself to change that hypocritical habit in the future.  
Then suddenly - some knitters have these rare clear moments concerning their yarn stash - I exactly knew what to knit with my leftovers from Liesl's gifted Quince & Co Finch yarn.

After knitting with Quince & Co for my Fethaland hat, I didn't know for sure how many I got left to knit something else, so I was keeping it in my stash to use it as a fantasy in some socks or another fair isle hat. Turns out after knitting these mittens - I made them shorter for the above reason - that I still have a little yarn left to cheer up another small knitting project.

The pattern is fairly simple and fun to knit. It's called Catching Butterflies and the 'butterfly' stitch caught my attention. I also think it might be a pretty stitch for socks!

Wednesday, September 24

Yarn along

Knitting: His Scotch & Fire socks and the Finley Pixie hat (by dover and madden). I chose the Finley Pixie hat because I once bought some Debbie Bliss Rialto yarn online and I wanted to try it. It's so soft and lovely to knit with.

Reading: The Plot (The protocols of the elders of Zion) by Will Eisner. I love to read graphic novels and since A contract with God  (also Eisner) was checked out at my local library, I took this one with me. It's about an anti-semetic fictious document, released by the Russian police to let the world believe that the Jewish leaders want to take over the world, somewhere in the beginning of the 19th century. It's very interesting and well written. I did had to look up a few things about the Zionism.

Joining Ginny from Small Things

Monday, September 22

Welcome my new blog.
I must admit that I have a weak spot for calm, white and simple journal-like looking blogs.
The past few months I have tried numerous times previewing my blog with other themes, fonts and colors, but it just didn't do the trick for me.

So today, I moved my blog to another platform. It's maybe not the best thing I could do since I don't know how to move my followers too, but I'm already much more happy with how it looks and feels. And since I'm not so much of a -need more likes and followers , visit me!!- type of girl, I'm just happy that changing the appearance of titles, colors and fonts is a bit more accessible here.

I exported my whole blog, so if everything works on the internet as it works on my screen here, you still have access to my previous posts.

Thursday, September 18

For the feet

Linking up with Liesl's (check her new blog!) monthly sock challenge

Pattern: my own (just plain stockinette with a 72 st CO)

Yarn: Malabrigo Sock, color Cordovan.

Needles:  2.5 mm

Wednesday, September 10

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