Monday, July 14

Explore | dream | discover

I'm dreaming of crispy forests and unwalked paths

of observing plants and fresh lakes

of  hearing a howling wind on a mountain top so high

I'm dreaming of the dripping of the rain

of blinding sunrays and incomprehensible words

I'm dreaming of adventure

I will be absent for a short period of time, dear readers.

I welcome you back in August.

Take care, all.


Tuesday, July 1

So many seeds, so little yard

May 13th I sowed cherry tomato seeds in turf pots...

Debuting in (indoor) gardening and growing vegetables, I sowed many, just in case...

They grew fast, at least I think so, I can't compare, I potted them many times...

...tied them up to bamboe sticks and played other reinforcements tricks...

Today it's July 1 st, about 6 weeks after sowing the seedlings:

I'm secretly hoping they stop growing because I have no place left to put them.

I can't really put them outside in their pots. The terrace there gets a lot of wind and I'm unable to use that space to properly take care of them.

I think I've started something I don't really know how to deal with right now :-D

I'm thinking about gifting some of the plants again to save some space!