Thursday, May 29

/Error: the file or directory is corrupt/

And then... all the photos after this one were corrupted, even the goodbye-photos of my cut-flowers in different, yes, different angles and positions and different light and positions and angles and... (I took many!).

So after hours of putting useless efforts in searching for a free sd card recovery program, I give up. I experienced a little time travel there though. Photos I've deleted already a year ago, popped up again on my screen, only I wasn't able to  save them of course. In stead of purchasing the non-trial version, I'll finally buy a new sd card tomorrow. In the mean time I've been taking pictures with my 3 year- or has it already become 4?- year old 5 megapixel smartphone.

You see, I think we're a bit spoiled on this technology matter. Can you imagine I already want to buy a new smartphone, because of its better camera? And that only a few weeks after I wanted to go back to my old green screened Nokia (remember the excitement of playing snake)? I was already searching and comparing smartphones - camera specifications filter ON- on various internet sites. Only to discover again why I didn't want to buy a new one after only 4 - or was it 3?- years. I'd just be contributing again to this throwaway society and was spending way too much money that I can use for so many better reasons in my life right now. I can't believe I'm that easily influenced just because I wasn't able to take photos these last days? (I can photograph and see the photos directly on the screen of my DSLR, but I can't upload them.)

Oh well, enjoy the Instagrams until I'm back with my Rebel, or is that one outdated too? ;-)

Friday, May 23

New beginnings

Lately, I've been keeping busy with my indoor gardening. Currently I live somewhere where I can't just use the garden for planting flowers and crops so until I have my own garden I'm just planting things inside. I live on an attic so it gets pretty warm there and I'm able to put some pots just underneath the window so they get enough sunlight.

So far I've planted tomatoes and sunflowers and they're growing fast! It's always a suprise to see how much they've grown overnight and even when I get back from my work.

I'll probably put the sunflowers outside on a terrace when they're big and strong enough. I'll have to ensure them with a stick or something so they won't break when it's windy.

I'm not sure about the tomatoes: it's a new experience for me to be planting vegetables. I've never grown tomatoes before. So far they're doing good inside.

We're really looking forward to be living on our own again, the construction of our house will begin next week or the week after that. I'm really excited, since Wednesday we already have electricity on the small piece of land we bought .

I've also been spoiled by sweet Liesl. She sent me a warm thank you gift with a nice card, Quince&Co yarn (!!) and a lovely self made string pouch.

It immediately reminded me of her Simple Drawstring Pouch tutorial and made a pouch myself. Although I'm very pleased with it, the striped fabric wasn't the best idea since I'm not so good at sewing straight yet :-)

Monday, May 19

Selling my art

It's one of my all time dreams to be able to get a living by selling my art. Some of you observant readers may have already noticed that I added a little shop menu above. On Society6 you can now find my art on framed art prints, stretched canvases, Ipod/Iphone cases & skins, stationary cards. Maybe one day, I'll open up an Etsy shop to sell original drawings. For now, I'm waiting to see if the prints offering has some potential before starting on my own.

Friday, May 2

Scenes & Inspirations

I found this lovely blog by Oana Befort,an illustrator painting her world and photographing it in a gorgeous way.

Lately, I've also been inspired by numerous Ravelers and knitted cardigans. I'm still not sure which one to cast on first and I'm interested in trying to knit with linen for the first time. I was thinking about Keynote in linen,  or Empire in wool.

I share the same thoughts on happiness that Milla described.

I've been listening to Mark Knopfler's songs a lot lately. This is one of my favourites.

I've been following LoraZombie for years on Deviantart. Her grungy art is very inpirational and sometimes quite confronting too.

This post by Amanda made me smile. She always captures the daily life with her cute kiddos in such a beautiful way.