Friday, June 28

Stay young, go dancing...

Life is sweet in the belly of the beast
In the belly of the beast
And with her song in your heart, it can never bring you down
It can never bring you down

Lost in a maze of a thousand rainy days
Of a thousand rainy days
But when I heard her voice, oh it led me to the end
Yes it led me to the end

Cause when she sings I hear a symphony
And I'm swallowed in sound as it echoes through me
I'm renewed, oh how I feel alive and through autumn's advancing
We'll stay young, go dancing

As the music plays
Feel our bodies' sway
When we move as one
We stay young
(Go dancing)...

Cracks me up every time :-) More photos on my Flickr-page.

Another great band you should check out is Kings of Convenience. They have a great voice and their guitar playing is absolutely stunning.

Wednesday, June 26

Counting Vespas and flowers

The Vespa World Days 2013 were held in my town last weekend. Though I don't own a Vespa, neither do I want one, I shot a few pictures. We were actually there just because I wanted some books for determinating plants for our next short hike in the forests, so I had to stop by the library. The library is next to the market square where this event was held.  I saw Italian, German, Swiss, Norwegian, Dutch, Austrian...Vespas. Quite the view.

Afterwards we did a short walk (8 km) in the forests nearby. It felt good to be out in nature and getting our minds clear after the rush and stress from the last months.

I must admit, that I'm a bit ashamed that I can't determine the most common trees or plants in our areas here. As a little girl, I used to be fond of nature and watched plenty of documentaries, had lots of books, but mostly they were about animals. Besides the usual assignments for elementary school - that is: sticking leaves from trees to a paper and writing next to it: 'oak' or 'beech', or the description of leaflets (toothed,...) - my knowledge of trees and leaves pretty much ends there.

Time for change! So off we went, into the woods, with a determination guide! I felt a bit nerdy and retired. Especially when we bumped into a group of grannies who clearly joined a local nature/walking group for pensioners and had to fill in a form with questions. They were looking at a wide open spot with several trees and had to find out which sort of tree was cut the most. I was trying to be funny by saying it's hard to solve since they were cut, so they're not there anymore. No smile appeared, they were all dead serious. I still love grannies though.

Oh well, I did manage to recognize some trees and especially wildflowers. So I sketched some in my sketchbook. Drawing is an awsome way to learn about weeds and plants.

Being so interested in plants nowadays, I even couldn't resist to make a treat for my rabbits. Mostly I give them weeds once a day. Especially during Spring, they get lots of clover and dandelions. Today I gave them clover, a tiny bit of strawberry, daisies, grass, teeny weeny bit of violet, parsley and basil.

Wednesday, June 19

Pick it up

Picked up my pencils again, finally! After studying for finals and presenting my thesis for the university jury. All went well but I don't know my results yet.
After a lot of sketching and quick drawings I wanted to do more serious graphite work. Seeing my fiancĂ© play his guitars inspired me to do a 'trio-portrait' from close-up photos I took earlier. He did had to pose for the middle drawing extra though :-p. I actually drew his old electric guitar. I almost made the mistake - the horror!- of drawing close-ups from his two different electric guitars. Now I'm not really an expert when it comes to guitars. I can distinguish an acoustic from an electric guitar and a bass-guitar but that's about it.  Anyway he's happy with the result and so am I. Will probably be framed and hung up in our future hobby room.

And the final drawing:

I also couldn't resist casting on his socks a couple of weeks ago. I started the second heel flap this weekend, but it's so hot now in Belgium. I can't knit when it's warm and sticky weather!