Saturday, May 25

Drum ruffle...

No, that wasn't what I was planning on telling you. Between studying for finals, printing my thesis and working shifts at the hospital I managed to finish my Cup of tea socks! Probably the bad weather here had something to do with it too ;-)

I'm actually quite satisfied with them, they fit very well and keep my feet warm enough during these...eehm...cold Spring evenings?! Anyway, on to new projects! That'll be more drawing and knitting socks for him. But that'll be when I finish my studies. Since knitting is quite time consuming I will try, I really will try to ignore my needles and knit new socks or anything in particular. But it's sooo tempting. Well, when studying, everything's tempting. Even vacuumcleaning...or ironing... .

Sunday, May 19

Finally some sunshine!

This Spring, the weather is so disappointing. We've had a few warm and sunny days, but it seems like Winter lasted for-e-ver! Outside it has mostly been chilly or raining or drizzling. Last night suddenly the sun came out and we witnessed a beautiful sunset sky which I wish I'd captured in a photo.  Instead I got a few shots from underneath a tree and I saw a bunch of dandelions sparkling in the evening light.The sun was heavy orange just  before sundown. It was beautiful.

I'm also making progress on my Cup of Tea Socks. A few days ago I finished one sock and yesterday after work I started the second one. Now I got a few rows left before I start knitting the heelflap of the second sock. I'm already more pleased with it then I was at first. I'm still not totally satisfied with the colorway I've chosen, but I'm very happy with the pattern. Fun to knit!

Sunday, May 12

A fine break

The past few days were quite busy for me. Though I already work as a registered nurse in the hospital for eight years, I'm still studying for an extra degree of Master in Nursing. It certainly is not easy to combine working in shifts and studying on days off or having to use vacation days for taking exams. In the meanwhile we moved appartements three times, I got enganged, my fiancé got a job as a teacher and we bought some land to build our home on. By the end now,  I'm really exhausted actually. I feel like I've grown 10 years older in the past four years . I only have to pass my finals and my thesis in June. I feel like I've got so much to catch up on. My sister's got two children. I feel like they've been growing faster then children normally do - of course they don't - but I feel so... not 29... .

But these past days were very pleasant and a welcome break from all the studying, stress and worrying. Saturday it was my birthday. I became 29. Fiancé bought me beautiful yellow tulips and a nice new double bicycle bag. I also found the purse I was searching for such a long time. It's big enough for a sketchbook and a pencil wrap :)

This weekend I saw the cutest pigtails and a tormented Kermit the Frog while visiting family for Mother's day and we also celebrated some birthdays (Mom's, Dad's and mine).

I also casted on fiancé's Basic ribbed socks on my 3mm socking needles, but will use a 2 or 2,5 mm to knit them. I'm still waiting for them to arrive by mail on Monday. In the meantime I casted on My cup of tea socks on my regular long dpn's (2 mm). It's quite a challenge to knit something small on long needles. And I'm not so happy with the colorway, I'm afraid my sock will turn out to be a striped sock and I suppose I should have chosen a one color yarn for this project.

Wednesday, May 1

The inauguration...

of my new - purse-fitting- sketchbook! I have to buy a new purse actually, otherwise it won't fit of course ;)

Wildflowers from the Burren (Co. Clare, Ireland). I shot a reference photo back in 2009 during our visit to Ireland for this drawing. I love Ireland and its shores, cliffs, wild nature, Irish people and pubs...ooh every year I want to go back! It's not that far from where I live actually, so it shouldn't be a problem :) We did a roadtrip starting at Dublin Airport with a rental car and a tent. We did several counties from Wicklow to Kilkenny, Tipperary, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Clare and finally Galway.
We parked at airport Shannon and took a flight back home.
I find wildflowers and all sorts of weeds and herbs quite interesting. I might want to learn more about them and study them in my sketchbook. Do you know a lot about herbs/wildflowers...?