Wednesday, November 30

Yarn Along

Knitting: Lancelot sweater, size 2 years for my little knight in Drops Lima.

Reading: I finished Little Women (both parts!), and I'm glad it's over, I mean, it was great and all but I usually don't read books with 777 pages and I was curious to know about Jo March's future. I must admit that I sometimes had trouble with understanding some english verbs and adjectives, so I had to look up a few things, but it wasn't really necessary for understanding the story in its whole. 
Recently, when in Aachen, Germany, we visited a grand bookstore and I always go straight to the international section. A big pile of classics was nicely exposed and I bought a couple. I chose Animal Farm by G. Orwell. (My fiancé bought 1984 and I might read that as well). I haven't read that much though, but until now I like it.

Joining Ginny