Tuesday, June 27

Lately...and big news!

It's been a few months since I've been here. I was feeling rather tired and wasn't in the mood to put long written blogposts about my knitting and life online, and turned more to the microblogging like Instagram for keeping fellow knitters up to date about recent knitting projects.

Most of you might already know this, but I'll share the news again: we're expecting our second baby this fall! That's the reason why my energy levels were quite low and with a toddler in the house now, I mostly knit during nap times etc, in stead of blogging...

So that's that :-)
Next: knitting! I've been knitting like a crazy lady. Everywhere I look I see yarn, needles, patterns.
I've also knitted a few things for upcoming babies other than our own, but for obvious reasons I can't show you yet. After all the baby knitting, I still have a few projects to finish, I cast on a red Garter Ear Flap hat for Emiel, to wear this coming Winter.

I'm also more interested in sewing, something I started 2 years ago, but then after moving I don't really have an own desk/studio and my sewing machine is on the attic...on the floor, I mean, the concrete :-), we still haven't placed the floor there. Anyway, now and then I take it down. A few months ago, Emiel turned one and I've sewn a few drawstring bags for Emiel's daycare as favors to give to the children.
I'm planning to sew a few projects though in the upcoming weeks. I've been testing the Oliver pants, a sweet baby pants, with some 'scrap jersey fabric'. It was the first time sewing with jersey and I learned a lot already.

So that's about it what was going on here lately. We're also still finishing the house. In May the terrace  was placed and we went craze lot of times to the garden center for plants and tress. Eventually we've planted a hedge at the back of our garden and some ornamental grasses beside the borders of our terrace. We're still looking for an (older) Japanese maple tree though and some garden furniture and lighting.